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Avante Selecta


Dominio de Atauta

Dominio de Atauta

Type: red
Winery: Avante Selecta (Dominio Atauta)
Capacity: 1’5 – 0’75 l.
Units per Case:
Alcohol content: 14% vol.
Age: 18 months.
Grape: 100% Tinto Fino.
Appearance: Intense cherry colour.
Aroma: Elegant complex aroma, refined cocoa, fruity expression.
Taste: Flavourful palate, powerful body, meaty, smoky finish, dry but mature tannins.
Pairing: Ideal for all types of red meats accompanied by strong sauces.
Serving temperature:

Torre de Golbán

Torre de Golbán

Type: Red
Bodega: Avante Selecta (Atalayas de Golbán)
Capacity: 0’75 l.
Units per Case: 6
Alcohol content: 14,5% vol.
Age: 12 months.
Grape: Tinto fino.
Appearance: Intense cherry red.
Aroma; Aromas of ripe red and black fruits mixed with touches of toasted wood.
Taste: well-rounded, with hints of ripe fruits and spices.
Pairing: red and white meats, mushrooms, rice dishes and pastas.
Serving temperature: 16ºC

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